For rookies, experienced hobby racers, and also license racers!


  • rely on long years of experience in organising trackday events.
  • offer the right event to live your motorbike passion.
  • provide the setting for you to find and experience your personal limits.
  • look forward to welcoming you!

You wish to

  • leave the road traffic worries behind?
  • meet friends and get to know other motorbike aficionados?
  • have training sessions?
  • find your balance between sportive trackday ambitions and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere?
  • -“recharge your batteries“, develop that certain big grin and take it home?

we create the unique Dannhoff Motorsport event atmosphere:

  • • Attractive circuits with full track safety
  • • Instructors for rookies
  • • Exclusive instructors for experienced hobby riders
  • • Tyre service on location (please pre-order timely)
  • • Photo and video service
  • • Physiotherapist on most events

Enjoy free practice sessions as well as sprint and endurance competitions for you with many trophies, rostrum, and party.

See also our additional website: DMC-Cup

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